What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are the simplest and best way to repair teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay (cavities). With a filling, you can eliminate your cavity, restore the appearance and function of your tooth, and keep it healthy for years to come. If you have a sensitive or painful tooth, you may need a dental filling in Newtown Square. Contact Smileform Dentistry today for a consultation with Dr. Inna Solovey, and get the help you need to restore your smile.


If you don’t get a tooth filled in time, tooth decay will only get worse. Your tooth could become infected and require treatment with a root canal and a dental crown. Early intervention is the best way to keep your tooth healthy.

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How It Works: The Dental Filling Treatment Process

Preparing your tooth

To begin the treatment process, Dr. Solovey will clean your tooth. Then, she will numb the treatment area to keep you comfortable during your procedure.

Trimming away decay

Once your mouth is numb, Dr. Solovey will use a dental drill to remove any decayed material from your tooth. This eliminates decay. It also exposes fresh tooth material, which ensures your filling will bond to your tooth properly.

Filling your tooth

Next, Dr. Solovey will choose a tooth-colored filling material that will match your existing teeth perfectly. After applying this material to your tooth and shaping it, she will harden it with a UV light and trim it.

Final fit check and polishing

Finally, Dr. Solovey will check your bite with a special type of paper to make sure the filling fits properly. She will make any necessary last-minute adjustments, then buff and polish your tooth. Then, you’ll be sent home to enjoy your newly-restored smile.

Schedule Follow Up Appointment

If you need a follow-up appointment for a simple filling, more complex restorative work, or a cosmetic treatment, we can schedule your next appointment before you leave our Newtown Square dental office. We also recommend that you schedule your next cleaning in 6 months to ensure your smile stays bright and beautiful.

Types Of Fillings We Offer

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Composite Fillings

We exclusively offer composite fillings at Smileform Dentistry. Composite fillings consist of a special blend of dental resin and glass particles. They are very strong and long-lasting, and they match your tooth material perfectly, providing a seamless restoration. Composite fillings are also free from mercury and other metals, which some patients prefer.


There are more than 3 million cases of cavities in the US every year.

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Do I Need A Filling Even If My Tooth Doesn’t Hurt?

Cavities don’t always cause tooth pain or sensitivity. Lots of times, they may go completely unnoticed until they become very deep and severe. So even if your tooth doesn’t hurt, it may be necessary to get a filling at Smileform Dentistry in Newtown Square to keep your smile healthy.

Will It Hurt To Get A Filling?

Not at all. Fillings are minimally-invasive, and your mouth will be completely numb during the filling process. You won’t feel anything during your appointment.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Fillings?

Yes. Almost all dental insurance plans provide coverage for dental fillings when they’re medically necessary, up to applicable limits. We recommend consulting with your insurer or policy documentation for more information

.At Smileform Dentistry, we also offer an in-house membership plan. This plan includes preventive care for a year, as well as exclusive discounts on all other necessary care, including dental fillings.